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Welcome to baby Naseem’s website. Here we will keep you updated with his adventures. We hope you enjoy visiting and sharing our joy and excitement.

My name is Naseem G. Hasni and I was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital,Miami, Florida on October 31,2006 at 3:55 am, by an emergency C-Section. I was diagnosed with Ectopia Cordis (this is when the breast bone does not develop and my heart was out side my chest wall) when mommy was 32 weeks pregnant with me.

On the day I was born (just within hours) I had my first surgery this one was the nice doctors put my heart back in my chest. My second surgery was when I was 2 weeks old, my left lung was not working so good because the diaphram on the left was not moving the way it should so the nice doctors went in and fixed it. My third surgery was right before I was 1 month old I needed a Tracheonomy (breathing hose was put in my throat instead of down my mouth)

The doctors tell mommy & daddy that I will have atleast 1 more surgery before my first birthday. this one will be the doctors making me a breast bone out of my floating ribs.. 

*12/26/06* Naseem had his 4th surgery today, he needed a g-tube (feeding tube) inserted in his stomach. He is doing fine after he woke up just a little groggy and hungry.


Naseem has been home for more than a month now and weighs close to 14 pounds, all his doctors say he is doing very well. 

April 2007 Naseem is 26 inches and about 16 pounds at just 5 months...

May 2007 Naseem weighed in at 16.9 pounds (7.66 kg)

June 2007 Naseem weighed in just under 18 pounds

July 19th Naseem had his 5th operation. He was diagnosed with Hydrosyphalis (water was in his head). He had a shunt placed to drain fluid. We got home the next evening.

August 2007 Naseem weighed in at 20 pounds and about 2 ounces.

October 31st, Naseem turned 1!!!

November 2007 Naseem weighs about 23 pounds.

January 2008 Naseem still weighs around 23 lbs.

february 2008 Naseem has 10 teeth and more on the way. (all 4 front on top & bottom, both 1 yr molars on left side, 1 yr molar on bottom right is next to come in)

March 14th, 2008 Naseem had his 6th surgery; this one was to reconstruct his sternum. he was home in just over a week, and he is doing GREAT!

April 2008; Naseem weighs 25 lbs... and is 28 inches tall.
     *mouth full of teeth 13 and 2 more coming in*
                 Naseem has been really good with 
                     his teething. doesnt even cry..

July 2008; Naseem is still around 25 pounds and he is 32 inches tall. he has all his teeth and is learning so fast now.

July 17, 2008: Naseem is off his vent during the day and basically only uses it when he is sleeping.
Naseem is doing alot of new things these past 3 weeks. if you ask him if he is cold he shivers - ask him if he is hot he waves his hand by his face - he knows 12 body parts (head, hair, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, tongue, belly, hand, fingers, knees & toes) he can stand up by himself from his stool with the help of his P.T. Ms. Annabelle, and he is eating a little with his S.T. Ms. Julie.

November 2008, Naseem weights just over 28 lbs. now and is walking better (with little help). he has all his teeth, head full of curls and picks up on things fast.
          Naseem just celebrated his 2nd Thanksgiving - Nana & Papa came from N.Carolina to spend the holiday with us. Thx Nan & Pop.

December 2008   Happy Holidays to all!!! here is the latest "News Release" on Naseem - Dec. 23, Naseem was on the local news (again) Jackson wanted to do a update on how he is doing and how he is looking foward to the holiday ahead. click here to view video:  

 July 2009:   our "terrible" 2 year old is doing remarkable. Naseem is Running around the house, he is into everything and wants to do everything for himself.  and he will be a big brother early next year.
may 2010: Naseem is doing great he is now 3 1/2 and is so independent  and has a mouth on him. he thinks he is the boss of us.     he loves steak, ribs.   he also likes coffee...
he is now a big brother "his baby" is 4 months old now & his name is Laith. Naseem thinks that is his baby - he wants to hug & kiss his baby all the time..

You can find out more about me and my surgery by searching by my name "Naseem Hasni"

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sHARING MY EXPERIENCE   / Alex Fares (Suppport)
Hi my name is Alex Fares and i commend you on the support of your lovely baby.  he needs all the loving and caring which i'm pretty sure he's getting.  I would like to share my story with you about my baby that was born with complications t...  Continue >>
May God the OmniPowerfull Bless You   / Mourad Gattoufi (I Love the say Soccer Team than your Dad )
Hi Nas,you have one of the my best names, your story touched deeply my heart. Promise to have in my prayers (5 times a day), "... wa qol ma yosibena ella ma kataba Allaho lena" .إنشاء هذا حد الباس. شعب الغالية لكل معاك . Ejjerbi_Milano...  Continue >>
aya mabrouk el boutoula   / Ayari Zied (Saheb Bouh )
ahla ghazi,

aya mabrouk 3likom el boutoula chekhet andek ejam3eya rebha even afetr 12 yeaaaars hahahaha

anyway, how is naseem doing i hope great

just kiss him for me and say Hi to michelle

hope to he...  Continue >>
Words of support from a survivor of Ectopia Cordis   / Rodney Martinez (None)
Hello.I would like to let anyone who is reading this to have faith that Naseem will make it through all of this just fine.  I myself was born with this rare condition in May of 1979 in Calgary, Canada and I am alive and well today living a norma...  Continue >>
God Bless Your Baby   / Alina &. Abderrahman Abbassi (Daddy Friend )
Hello my name is Alina & Abderrahman Abbassi. We are your daddy friend , and we are praying for your recovery and that God makes you a happy and heathy little boy..I had my first grandson with heart surgery too , 2 days after he was born it was d...  Continue >>
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